Bands Austria

Here you find a of bands from Austria who belong to the gothic scene. This scene comprises music genres like:

  • Dark Elektro/Harsh/Aggrotech
  • Darkwave
  • EBM (Electronic Body Music)
  • Gothic Rock/Metal
  • Industrial
  • Medieval
  • NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte)
  • Post-Punk
  • Synthpop/Futurepop
  • Steampunk

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Krankheit Logo
Krankheit” Dark/Industrial/Metal
Pulse remix



SadoSato Logo EBM Österreich



System 84 Logo

“System 84”


A Divine Conspiracy
(under construction)
Sharon Next
(under construction)
Exit to Eden
(under construction)
This could be your band!


Here is a (probably incomplete) register of Austrian gothic-scene bands: