Bands CEE – Central and Eastern Europe

Here is a list of some bands from the Central and Eastern European Countries we support and have a closer cooperation with.

  • First Aid 4 Souls (Electro/Industrial, HU)
  • Ginger Snap5 (Electro/Futurepop, Ukraine)
  • Gunmaker (Synthrock/Synthpop, HU)
  • Harmize (Harsh Electro, Italy)
  • Hieros Gamos (Electronic/Darkwave, SK)
  • Kifoth (Industrial/EBM, SK)
  • Kult of Red Pyramid (Darkwave/Indusrial/Electro, CRO)
  • Lahka Muza (Post-Punk/Darkwave, SK)
  • Noisy Deafness (Electro/EBM, HU)
  • Plague Called Humanity (Cyberpunk/Industrial, CZ)
  • Sharzall (Death-Rock/Sharz-Rock, SK)
  • Terminal State (Electro, SK)
  • Ultranoire (Darkwave/Synthnoir, HU)

For only the annual club member fee of € 25.- you can benefit from our advanced band promotion, containing:

  • your band picture linked to a sub-page at
  • current infos to your band with concerts and booking information
  • embedding of your music-video(s) or other promotional clips
  • links to your music, bandcamp, amazon,…
  • domestic & international promotion via
  • favoured booking for concerts in Austria!

If that is interesting for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us ;-)
Email: office(at)