Marc Willand

DJ Marc Willand„DJ with heart and soul“ 🙂
I like to play different kinds of music:
  • Industrial
  • Darkwave
  • Aggrotech
  • EBM
  • Synthpop
  • Gothic-Rock/Metal
  • (80, 90 s. from bad taste to normal)
Here are some clubs and events where I have already played.
  • Weberknecht (Weberknecht wird Schwarz, Urban Darkness, Dark Friday, )
  • Viperroom (Masquerade Noir – Die dunkle Silvesternacht, Dark Society Events)
  • Schwarzer Reigen
  • Escape (Pump up the Jam)
  • Club Duplex (Lunatic Eclipse Events, Amphi Warm-up Party Vienna)
  • Acabar (Fünf Uhr Tee)
  • Club PI (Schwarzflug, Metal Armageddon ,Club 90,Slainte)
  • Club U (Lunatic Eclipse Events, GothiCrossover)
  • The Bang Bang Club ( EBM Elite Graz Events , Electrified)
  • Club Q (EBM Elite Graz Events , Electrified)
  • Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik · ( EBM Elite Graz Events , Electrified)

Contact/Email: padelek(at), Facebook